NBA 2K16 is 'A Spike cheap NBA 2K16 vc Lee Joint' this year, meaning the famed director has lent his name to the basketball game's MyCareer mode. It's the big banner feature in yet another expansive instalment that comes with all of the stuff you'd normally expect to find in a NBA 2K title. Yet again, it's massive, but perhaps best of all, the 2K servers seem to actually work properly this year (mostly), which in itself is a big step forward.

Understanding that, you can speed up the process simply by checking your console's electronic digital store when 2K Activities confirm that the NBA 2K16 MT patch have been release. That way, you'll manage to download the patch last but not least play Pro-Am mode immediately. If anyone is having problems loading 2K16 on steam, getting constant crashes, here's a work around for it. Just tried it and it worked fine! I've found a solution for PC copies of 16 crashing on launch. It's PC only, so my condolences for the console brothers. I hope 2K/VC gets on it soon.

Knext (the Reddit user) has stated that this will be a list that will be continually updating, so be sure to look at the live version here in spreadsheet format or PDF Not only has the author listed the games, but they also state which are split screen as well. Helpfully they include the Metacritic score for those interested. As you can see this quite a list of games, be sure to look at the live version of the document to see the full details for the games, as the author notes it will be continually updates as more games are released.

Ok guys! Someone on the reddit forums found the upgrade points address, so I updated my table with the address as well. New table in the description. Accessories and such still not working for the moment, but will continue to try to find it myself, as well as monitor other peoples progress on it. Will let you know when the address is found! Go into the folder in there. It looks like a string of numbers, but it should be the only folder in there.

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